Kefir Cultures – Milk, Tea, Drinking water Kefir, and numerous Extremely comparable Probiotics

I’m an enormous supporter of h2o kefir. It is actually outstanding in all kinds of strategies. It really is not the one particular form of kefir whilst! Here’s generally a quick rundown of your respective assorted kefir cultures to choose from for yourself personally to help make your particular person kefir drinks from.

Milk Kefir

Milk Kefir was the preliminary designed usage of for brewing drinks. The traditional mountain-folk during the Caucasus location found the incredible probiotic powers once they started working with it to shield milk. It then unfold to Russia, becoming. Jap Europe soon adopted milk kefir significantly much too, and it could be use to be a wellbeing foods has unfold through the entire earth.

It may be utilized to arrive up with a yogurt-like drink that can the two be drank as-is or blended with fruit for producing smoothies! The grains might be eaten in your greater dose to the probiotic microbes.

H2o Kefir

The 1st documented proof of water kefir getting put in the all-natural way originates from the diary of the biologist carrying out the work in Mexico through the nineteenth century. He recorded obvious growths that lived off the sugary h2o within a specific cactus. These turned out to generally be h2o kefir grains! These existing every one of the probiotic added benefits of milk grains, but using an improved versatility on the subject of their use in day-to-day meals.

While milk kefir is proscribed to developing milk-based meals, ingesting drinking water kefir can normally be incorporated in almost any food merchandise you will get satisfaction from with out possessing finding a extremely fantastic impact on the food’s flavour.


Kombucha culture (or kombucha mushrooms) are fairly similar to kefir. These are also a bunch of co-operative micro-organisms residing with one another within a quite expansion medium. These mushrooms are brewed into tea and therefore are well-known throughout Russia and Japanese Europe also as in Japan. As a result of the actual fact kombucha is so biologically identical, some telephone it Tea Kefir.

You could find in fact only two principal cultures – milk and water. While milk kefir is all-around for extended, drinking h2o kefir is simply as healthful and gives bigger versatility.